6 Design Ideas for Your Master Suite Addition

Are you looking to spruce up your living space with a home improvement project? Adding a master suite in your house is one investment definitely worth contemplating. A well-designed master suite can offer many perks. It’ll provide you with a part of the house that gives you maximum privacy and comfort, a place where you can get away from it all. Relax, take long baths, do yoga, or put your favorite record on.

Before getting in touch with the pros providing suite addition services in San Diego and the region, read on to learn about possible ideas that you can incorporate in your home improvement project.  

How do you design a master suite?

A master suite is multi-functional, and it’s why you should take full advantage of the space to fulfill all your needs. Naturally, your suite will differ based on size, preferences, and ultimately your taste. Still, there are five universal tips to include in your master suite design.

1. Go neutral with the colors

Going with the same overall theme of the room’s color into your extended space connects the two parts seamlessly. Pastel or neutral colors add an open, warm, and welcoming feel to the room. The soothing colorway should be applied to the furniture as well, adding a spacious and organic element.

2. Divide the room into different sections

Are you thinking about installing a fireplace and some chairs to cozy up in? Or perhaps a balcony or deck on which to enjoy afternoon naps or romantic dinners? Divide your master suite so that every section serves a distinct purpose without cluttering up the space. This way, you’ll get to experience all the perks of this type of room addition.

3. Choose the right spot for your entertainment system

Setting up your sound system or TV in your master suite can be a bit of a challenge. Finding the perfect spot and for the elements to be inconspicuous simultaneously may prove difficult. One of the most popular design trends is retractable TV screens. An alternative is framing it to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding shelves or paintings.

4. Adding contemporary elements

Even if you lean more towards classic and traditional styles, it doesn’t mean a splash of contemporary design is off the table. Whether it’s going minimalistic with the style of the bathroom or adding cutting-edge appliances and lighting to the walk-in closet, your master suite will benefit from a modern twist.

5. Storage is essential

A walk-in closet where you can neatly organize your entire wardrobe is an essential part of any master suite addition. Customize it to match your taste as well as your sense of style. Even if you lack the budget for this type of master suite amenity, you can improvise and create the same effect without sacrificing space. A fitted wardrobe with perfectly placed overhead lighting can do the trick. Invest in storage and ensure your master suite is decluttered, cozy, and functional.

6. Create a lounge area

Your master suite should never be just a place where you sleep or get dressed in. It provides so much more. Cozy up with a good book by your new fireplace, on the balcony, or simply add a couple of comfy chairs to lounge in after a long day.

Who offers the best suite addition services in San Diego & the vicinity? 

Give your home a makeover with a gorgeous room addition. Whether it’s a beautiful master suite, deluxe bathroom, or another type of home improvement project, Lars Architecture has got you covered. We are a team of award-winning designers, project managers, and construction experts, providing residents in Hillcrest and across San Diego County with top-quality services. 

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How to Build an Ideal Master Suite Addition

Are you looking for more privacy, added comfort, and an enhanced sense of convenience? Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a space that you associate with serenity and peacefulness. A master suite provides this, and much more.

As with any room addition, an ideal master suite will depend on the requirements and tastes of the homeowners. However, knowing what you want from your master suite is essential, not only to finish the project on time but to manage your budget in accordance with the costs. So before you get in touch with pros rendering quality suite additions in San Diego, find out what to consider when building your perfect master suite. 

How do you build a master suite addition

How do you build a master suite addition?

A master suite is typically defined as a large bedroom with added features. A separate bathroom, balcony or deck, fireplace, or a walk-in closet, it all comes down to your preferences. 

A master suite is an addition that homeowners go for intending to add more privacy and comfort. Some homeowners see these types of additions as excellent ways to add value to their homes. However, while improving your quality of life should be the main motivating factor,  knowing what you want in terms of amenities, and where you want to build your addition will certainly help you achieve your goal and keep it within the boundaries of your budget.

Think of the layout

Your master suite is a place to get away from it all. It’s a place that oozes relaxation, comfort, and privacy. Think of the suite as your very own apartment inside your home. Put the emphasis on space and the view. Make it cozy, yet spacious.

Utilize existing space

Unless you have a limitless budget, you’re probably looking to maximize your funds without cutting corners and impacting the quality of the room addition. Take advantage of existing space in your home and you’ll be able to save a significant amount in your budget. Instead of building up, consider building out. If you have a garage, a porch, or another ground floor space, this might be perfect for your new home addition. 

Perhaps you have a guest room, or better yet, a bathroom nearby that you can use to your advantage. Tapping into water and sewer lines that already exist can be cost-efficient solutions depending on the type/size of pipes required per city codes, which you can then use to add an amenity in your master suite. 

Converting an attic or basement into a master suite is another clever way to make use of existing space. You already have the roof, walls, and foundation, which saves you nearly half of the costs you’d normally have with a full-scale project.

What should be in a master suite?

A master suite is nothing without a few essential pieces. Of course, not all amenities will be suitable for every home, but these are certainly the most sought-after:

  • Spacious walk-in closet
  • Deluxe bathroom with bathtub, shower, and dual vanity
  • Private access to the outdoors via a balcony or deck
  • Radiant floor heating in colder climates
  • Cozy fireplace and lounge area

Who builds quality suite additions in San Diego and the region? 

Improve your way of living with a beautiful new room addition. At Lars Architecture, we combine expertise and dedication to bring you the finest product possible. With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve developed a system that guarantees a sleek, contemporary, and customized room addition for your home in La Jolla, or anywhere across San Diego. Reach out to our specialists and book a consultation today!