How To Repurpose Unused Space

Despite a perfectly designed home, space often needs to be reorganized due to changing needs. No matter if you’re working remotely, starting a family, sending children off to college and discovering new interests, or caring for aging parents, any of these can have a significant impact on how a house is used. 

But, do you ever wonder how you can make the most of the unused areas in your home? Room additions can be an excellent way to increase your livable space, but you can also gain extra footage without radically altering your house in San Marcos. Take a good look around, chances are you have more space than you realize – your attic, your basement, your garage, or even extra space in your yard.

What to do with unused space in your home?

Purchasing a bigger home may not always be an option. Several factors – such as great location, preferred school district, size of your yard – usually influence a homeowner’s decision to reevaluate their current space. Using your home more effectively helps solve this problem and makes it more enjoyable to live in.

If you want to discover your home’s hidden potential. Make sure you follow some of these expert remodeling ideas:

  1. From cold to comfortable basement
How To Repurpose Unused Space

There are times when you can find the extra room you’ve always wanted right in front of you. Though it can be difficult to make an underground space feel warm and welcoming, you can transform unfinished basements into nearly any space you want. There is plenty of additional living space here for a family room, a bedroom and a bathroom for your favorite guests, a home gym or a media room, or even an in-law suite. Once it’s completed, rest assured this area will become a favorite gathering spot for the family.

  1. Turn your attic into a living space

The unfinished areas are the best places to add onto your home. Almost every house has a basement, an upstairs area, or an area above a garage that hasn’t been completed. When equipped with clever storage and attractive furnishings, these are great locations for kids’ playrooms, home offices, additional bedrooms, and man caves. 

However, keep in mind that the costs for attics and bonus rooms are more affordable if they are partially completed, since this allows them to be easily customized to fit your new needs.

  1. From a garage to a cozy recreation area
Where can I book the best experts for room additions in San Marcos and the area

As with most American homes, garages serve primarily as storage areas. Although you may find it convenient to keep yard tools, sports gear, and Christmas decorations there, doing so wastes valuable space. So, what’s the harm in turning it into something more useful? A recreational center, for example? 

However, if you want to convert your garage into a living space, you should remember that there are also building standards to follow. Some of those requirements may include ceiling height, window dimensions, electrical wiring, and fire safety regulations. And with experienced professionals at your corner, none of these will cause you any concern. 

Where can I book the best experts for room additions in San Marcos and the area? 

Not sure how coastal properties are regulated? Or perhaps you’re looking to expand your current home with the most experienced professionals in San Marcos and the surrounding area? You’re in the right place! Lars Architecture is the leading whole home remodeling company that specializes in residential architectural design and all types of room addition projects.

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Why Adding a Primary Suite is a Great Choice for a Room Addition

The primary suite addition is among the most sought-after home renovations, and for a good reason. They offer a variety of advantages that appeal to homeowners from all walks of life. Among these are customizing your space to meet your exact needs rather than simply expanding the area, setting a budget that works for you, and calculating your potential ROI. 

So, before you begin planning your own master suite addition, consider the following points so you can discuss them further with professional house addition experts in San Marcos.

Where should I add on?

Is it worth it to add a master suite

The layout of your home and your particular requirements must be taken into account when deciding where to place your master suite. Most homeowners choose to build a bump-out on the ground floor, as this is often a more economical option than building up, especially for those planning to age in place. However, it does require sacrificing yard space and being mindful of any zoning regulations that may apply.

There’s also the option of building up, usually over garages, existing additions, and porches. This may be the perfect solution for you if the architecture of your home allows for such expansive additions. In case of structural problems, the process may still be feasible, but it may require more deconstruction, a longer timeline, and a larger budget.

The most cost-effective way to add a master suite is in the basement. You might find this option particularly attractive if it hasn’t been finished or needs a makeover. Still, basement bedrooms must meet certain construction requirements, such as the number of egress windows and safety exits.

Is it worth it to add a master suite?

Adding a master suite has many practical advantages, but these are some of the most desirable ones:

  1. Added comfort & convenience

Customizing your master suite to cater to your specific needs will provide added comfort and convenience for the whole family. Ensure the room size and shape are right for you, so you can fit in all the things that matter to you, such as a king-size bed, a cozy sitting area overlooking your backyard, a TV area, or even a fireplace. Having a living environment that is both welcoming and luxurious contributes to your comfort and overall well-being.

  1. Improved privacy

One of the reasons why adding an extra master suite attracts so much attention is not just for the added square footage, but also for the added privacy it provides. The privacy of your own bathroom offers a lot of benefits, too, as it allows you to relax and de-stress after a long day. In a soothing, spa-like environment, it’s easy to escape household noise and recharge.

Where can I book house addition experts in San Marcos
  1. Boosting home value

Apart from adding a personal touch to your house, a primary suite will also increase its value significantly. This type of room addition is extremely popular among buyers, especially those seeking a larger, more private living space. However, these four factors can help you estimate how much your home will gain in value:

  • Determine if the addition will increase the square footage of your home
  • Evaluate how will it impact the layout of your home
  • Research what features local buyers are seeking in a home, including the number of bedrooms
  • Research the usual number of bedrooms within your community

Where can I book house addition experts in San Marcos?

If you’re looking to expand your home or want to construct an ADU in a coastal area, but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Lars Architecture is a locally owned business that has been providing remodeling services to San Marcos residents for over 30 years. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals can assist you in creating a stylish kitchen renovation, a second-story addition, or simply repurposing a room to meet your needs. Book an on-site consultation with us today to start your project right away!