Why Are Residential Additions the Future of Home Building?

June 5, 2023

What first comes to mind when you think of home? It’s no secret that, for most of us, the home holds the greatest significance in our lives, despite our constant rethinking of it as an architectural space. It’s a symbol of protection, stability, and privacy; somewhere we can be alone or with those we love […]

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5 Ways to Expand Your Home For Your Growing Family

May 18, 2023

Having a growing family means a greater need for space. It won’t be long before your home feels cramped and suddenly you’ll need more livable areas. Your kids will need an environment that stimulates their learning and play, and you’ll be looking for a tidy, clutter-free room to work in. Add a pet to the […]

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How To Repurpose Unused Space

April 26, 2023

Despite a perfectly designed home, space often needs to be reorganized due to changing needs. No matter if you’re working remotely, starting a family, sending children off to college and discovering new interests, or caring for aging parents, any of these can have a significant impact on how a house is used.  But, do you […]

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Why Adding a Primary Suite is a Great Choice for a Room Addition

April 6, 2023

The primary suite addition is among the most sought-after home renovations, and for a good reason. They offer a variety of advantages that appeal to homeowners from all walks of life. Among these are customizing your space to meet your exact needs rather than simply expanding the area, setting a budget that works for you, […]

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ADUs Near The Coast – What You Need to Know

March 28, 2023

If you’re like many California homeowners, you might be considering adding an ADU to your property. And if you’re lucky enough to live in a coastal zone, you have the added bonus of breathtaking ocean views and proximity to some of the state’s most desirable beaches.  But before you start planning your dream addition, it’s […]

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Homeowners’ Investment Trends in Remodeling

February 2, 2023

For most people, buying a home is considered the greatest investment of a lifetime. In the course of homeownership, upkeep and repairs become inevitable, as do home improvements – particularly if you plan to stay there for quite some time. However, the latest trends in home remodeling indicate that homeowners want their houses to be […]

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Inspire Your Home Addition With Colors of the Year for 2023

January 25, 2023

Nothing transforms the interior of a home like color. Today, people are less likely to shy away from bold, playful tones, instead searching for ways to express themselves creatively and mix colors in a way that is uniquely theirs. You have a number of options available to pick the right shade – based on your […]

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5 House Designing Ideas to Maximize View

December 29, 2022

Though not all homes are created with scenic views of coastal bluffs or spectacular cityscapes, there are many ways to take advantage of the outdoors. You can, however, enjoy nature from the comfort of your own home. If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to speak with room addition specialists in Del Mar […]

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Make the Most of Your Home With an ADU

December 19, 2022

Backyard cottage. Granny flat. Multigenerational Living home. Accessory dwelling unit. Whatever you choose to call them, ADUs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners – especially for those who are considering multigenerational living. Given the unpredictable nature of the world we live in, an ADU proved to be a great investment in the long run. Read […]

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