4 Steps to Planning Your Room Addition Project

When you first bought your home, it was the perfect fit. It had everything you needed and more. Fast forward some years later, and you find yourself with the realization that simply isn’t the case anymore. Perhaps your family is expanding, or your lifestyle habits have changed. Your best option is to plan out a room addition to your existing home.

Whether it’s a small home in need of an addition or you’re looking to rejuvenate an old house, planning your project requires time and due diligence. Contact your local room addition service experts in San Diego to get a better idea of the viability and complexity of your project.

How do I prepare my house for an addition?

Adding a room to your home and all that comes with such an endeavor can naturally seem like a harrowing ordeal. From altering your family’s daily routine to the construction and overall budgetary concerns, the room addition at first glance looks like a daunting task. Not to fret, when you know what to look for and how to prepare for a seamless transition into a bigger and better living space, you’ll successfully complete what you’ve set out to do. Follow these 4 steps for your room addition project:

1. Highlight the problem

Your home is starting to look small. It lacks space, room to breathe, and mobility is becoming a major issue. Write down and define the problems you’re having. Is a bigger kitchen with more storage space the answer? An ADU to give your elderly parents much-needed extra room? Or perhaps adding a second story to your home is the best solution for your growing family? 

Every home is unique and entails proper analysis. Sit down with your loved ones to figure out what room addition would best suit your family’s needs. 

2. Set a realistic budget

If you have an unlimited budget for your room addition, then you can stop reading now. If that’s not the case, setting a sensible budget is essential when planning a home addition. Define what it is that you actually need, and what is it that you want. Separating the two will help you organize and control your budget in a more realistic fashion. By reserving and calculating the funds in advance, you’ll be able to keep track of your project spending. 

3. Do your due diligence

Get a plot plan of your home to guarantee your room addition is built within property lines. Obtain the necessary building permits to ensure you are not violating any local building codes and regulations. Otherwise, you run the risk of your beautiful new room addition being torn down. 

4. Contact an expert

Most construction professionals agree, this type of building isn’t recommended for DIY types. From the designers and project managers to the builders, hiring a pro for your home addition project is always the safest, and ultimately, best decision. 

Who offers top-quality room addition services in San Diego and the area?

From on-site consultations and 3D design planning to project management and construction, Lars Architecture has your back every step of the way. Whatever your dream design, our experts have the experience and skills to fulfill all your requirements. With over 30 years in the industry and countless satisfied customers, you can rest assured that your San Diego property is in safe hands. 

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How to Prepare Your Family for a Home Addition Project

No matter the size or scope of the project, any type of home improvement has a list of benefits to go along with it. You’ll increase your home’s functionality and boost its value, but the room addition will transform your family lifestyle and habits. 

As much as the thought of your new home addition may excite you, you can’t allow yourself to think of the final results just yet. Preparing for a project of this magnitude takes a lot of time and planning. For your project experience to be a positive one, getting in touch with a reputable room addition company in San Diego to guide you through this complex process is imperative.

How do I prepare my family for a room addition?

A home addition project doesn’t come without its challenges. Before the construction crew gets set up and the project can begin, you will need to make a specific and well-thought-out plan for how your living situation will look like during the building process.

Getting your family ready for the room addition construction

Once the construction process begins, your family’s daily routine will be disrupted. The emotional toll this can cause is not to be taken lightly. Have a family meeting to make sure everyone is on board with this looming change. You’ll be sharing your personal space with strangers on a daily basis, and depending on the scope of the project, perhaps even months.

This is why everyone must understand that their lives may be turned upside down until the completion of the room addition. For their safety, children in particular should know which rooms are off-limits. Discuss working schedules with your contractor so your family can know what time the workers will be arriving and leaving. 

Staying or going during the home addition construction

Like any construction site, things are about to get very loud, and very dusty. You may want to consider your living options, so don’t wait until the last minute to act. Perhaps you could stay with a friend or relatives for the duration of the construction. If you hire a trusted contractor, you could even seize the opportunity and go on a vacation. If you are staying, plan ahead what rooms will be yours to occupy as the home addition project begins.

Getting your home construction-ready

No matter how big your home addition project is, it’s inevitable that it will affect your entire house. You will need to prepare for the impact of a construction site. Get your home ready to maintain a level of organization and order. 

Take care of your landscaping tasks and put away the patio furniture. Because of unavoidable foot traffic, roll up the rugs to avoid tripping hazards. The adjacent rooms to the home addition will be impacted the most, as they are the closest to the construction. Wrap up any breakable items, remove everything attached to the walls, and drape plastic sheeting over your furniture for dust protection. Hanging poly sheets in doorways and entrances is another great way to slow the spread of dust and dirt as the construction progresses.

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Whether it’s a small home adding an extra room or an old house modifying with a modern room addition, our highly skilled team of professionals will guide you every step of the way. From on-site consultations, 3D design planning to the actual construction, Lars Architecture will make your home transformation as smooth as possible. 

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