Home addition projects are an excellent investment in terms of the boost in value they bring to a home. They are also a fun and creative project that holds endless possibilities. Are you looking to add a sleek, modern kitchen? Or perhaps a compact bump-out for a home office? Small homes are where the creative juices start flowing and where your taste and sense of style really shine. 

You may feel as if your house is too small for a room addition. Reaching out for some expert advice to a reputable San Diego room addition company is always the most practical thing to do. Still, you can find what type of addition is feasible for your property on your own.

How do you add onto a small house?

Regardless of whether you’re looking to extend your living room, create a grand master suite, or add a new guestroom, small homes shouldn’t be restricted by their size or layout. In fact, there’s so much potential there to unlock. Here are five room addition options for you to explore.

1. Modify existing rooms

One of the easiest ways to add an extra room to a small home is to modify an already existing room. Consider spaces like the basement, garage, or attic. These rooms are ideal for transforming. Convert the garage into an extra guest room, build a man cave in the basement, or yourself a gym in the place of the attic. The structural pieces are already in place, so all you’ll need is to take care of plumbing, and some electrical work. 

2. Build above the garage

If you are looking to add some extra space for a lounge area, or a playroom for the children, building above the garage is another innovative way to do so. While it is important to assess building codes for your neighborhood and of course consult with regard to structural soundness, building above the garage can be an excellent way to accomplish your home expansion goals and have your new room addition fit well with the flow of the old house.

3. Add more space by building up

If you are considering building a master suite, or an additional bathroom, these rooms tend to take a significant chunk of space. Building up or adding a second story is a large-scale room addition project that gives you plenty of freedom to improvise and choose the type of room that best suits your requirements. From walk-in closets to luxurious bathrooms, you name it, anything is possible with a second-story addition.

4. Create an all-weather mudroom

Keep your home tidy and bid farewell to the clutter around the house with an inventive room addition such as a mudroom. Transform the space in your entryway, or in the back of the house, and section off a part of the porch. With a mudroom you get plenty of storage for shoes, coats, and accessories, and less mess inside your home.

Where do I find San Diego’s #1 room addition company?

Finding dependable room addition experts for your small home can prove challenging but is ultimately rewarding. If you reside in the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter or another neighborhood in San Diego, Lars Architecture are your go-to room addition experts. Expand your house with a creative addition, and get your family ready for more comfort and overall greater home life. 

Our team renders all types of room additions, from kitchen expansions, ADU constructions to luxe master suites and elegant bathrooms. Reach out to our specialists today to get expert advice on the best addition for your home.