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Lars boasts a team of industry-leading custom home builders and residential architects in San Diego. We merge aesthetics and tenacious precision to create stunning, streamlined, and workable architectural home designs and building plans curated to the specific needs of our clients. As your partner, we listen carefully to your vision, identify your priorities, and deliver what we promise.

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Apart from getting to know your project, we take the time to learn about you, too - your passions, personal stories, and things you love. This way, our team can provide a fresh perspective on your house and building plans, and demonstrate a relentless commitment to quality.


Once we gain a full understanding of your lifestyle, needs, and budget, we work together as a team providing our expertise in architecture and home interior design to conceive creative house designs and plans.


You can keep track of all the details by digitally accessing daily logs. Our team meets weekly to discuss the progress of your project, or more often if necessary. As a result, you can remain informed about the entire construction process, making it easier to address problems as they arise.

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A well-designed space in San Diego offers more than just aesthetic appeal; it has a profound impact on the health of its occupants. Having a home that reflects both ethical and artistic values makes for an efficient and distinctive living space, both sustainable and easy to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a home architect do?

A residential architect is a qualified professional who designs buildings. These professionals create house building plans based on their clients’ requirements and precise measurements and calculations. They are responsible for ensuring that your home design adheres to the criteria of safety and aesthetics as well as fit in with building code and zoning regulations.

The Lars team consists of some of the most sought-after San Diego architects, who’ll guide you through the entire process and ensure that the end result suits your needs.

What modern architectural plans include?

House building plans are the basis for future construction, making them a crucial part of your project. Receiving the home building plans is usually rewarding as you can finally see your ideas in black and white and picture them taking shape.

Here’s what architectural house plans typically include:

  • Site plan, which encompasses site boundaries, building heights, and other site features
  • Floor plan, which lays out the configuration of the rooms in the house
  • Exterior and interior elevations outline the heights inside and outside the house
  • Section plans show the interior characteristics of the building on a slice drawing
  • Construction plans are intended to be instructions for the build team
  • Door and window plans will detail the location and the sizes of door and window openings
  • Electrical plans will show the future locations of electrical installations within the house

What are the qualities of good architectural design?

Daily routines and lives are heavily influenced by our homes. For this reason, you should familiarize yourself with characteristics of good residential architectural design:

  • Functionality  
  • Accessibility 
  • Sustainability
  • Durability
  • Designed ergonomically
  • Timeless design

Our seasoned team has experience working with a variety of projects across the area. Their goal is to make your new home a place where all these qualities are a reality.

What are the five phases of an architectural design project?

Most companies in San Diego will take you through these stages of the home design project:

  • Schematic design: In this phase, our home architect will develop the first outlines of the floor plan, building elevations, and site plans. You are the crucial player in deciding on every aspect of the project.
  • Design development: During this stage, your design is further elaborated. The finer details, like material selection, are ironed out. This is the part of the process when the design is being finalized and takes its true shape.
  • Construction documents: Next, it’s time to apply for building permits. For this purpose, our architect will work out a set of drawings to send to the relevant authority. Another set of drawings will be turned over to the construction team.
  • Bidding: Now you should find a construction team that will be in charge of building. If you’re already working with our design-build company, you have this worked out and can proceed onto the final step.
  • Construction administration: During the time that precedes the construction process as well as during construction itself, our team will supervise the project execution and make sure that it’s in line with the designs.

How do I find an architect near me to design my home?

You wouldn’t trust any architecture firm in San Diego with your large-scale residential architectural design. If you want only the best to work on your home design plans, try this:

  • Ask family and friends for recommendations
  • Look up architecture companies online and go for one with great reviews and ratings
  • Visit their showroom and see for yourself 

We are one of leading pros that provides tailor-made new home designs combining timeless style, practicality, and lasting quality. Feel free to give us a call for more information!

Where can I find one of the best architecture firms in San Diego?

If you’re looking for a team of specialists in residential architectural design to handle your house designs and building plans, reach out to us to schedule a consultation and share your ideas with our committed professionals. We’ll take it from there, applying our finely honed skills and understanding of interior design, codes and regulations, and building processes every step of the way. You’ll be regularly updated and involved in every facet of your room addition in San Diego and the surrounding neighborhoods.

We consider it our responsibility to make the process effortless and enjoyable for our clients. Most importantly, your satisfaction with the final outcome is our top priority. Thanks to the modern approach of our architects, you can count on speed, precision, and flexibility.

In addition to modern home design, you can also rely on us for:

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