Tile is an indispensable element of modern bathrooms for several reasons. With its sturdy and water-resistant properties, tile efficiently protects bathroom surfaces from dampness. What is more, well-chosen tiles can also elevate the appearance of your bathroom space. They come in a range of color swatches, sizes, styles, and materials, so every homeowner can find ones that suit their taste. 

If you’re researching bathroom additions to implement in your San Diego home, tile selection will come up sooner or later. Read on to discover how to choose bathroom tiles that will go perfectly with your bathroom design and ensure lasting quality. 

Which tile is best for the bathroom?

How do I choose a bathroom floor tile

Every home is different, so your choice of bathroom tiles should be based on your specific requirements. To make sure nothing flies under the radar, consider these factors:

  • Material: Ceramic, glass, porcelain, and natural stone are the most common bathroom tile materials. Ceramic tile is reasonably priced, easy to fit, and comes in a huge range of colors and styles. Glass is also simple to install. However, its sophisticated looks come at a slightly higher price. Porcelain looks polished, too, but it’s more difficult to install. Lastly, stone has a unique, earthy feel to it. You may choose from various options, like limestone, marble, or granite.
  • Size: As a rule of thumb, smaller tiles should be used in focal points, such as for shower wall accents, to add character. On the other hand, larger tiles are used to cover larger surfaces, like the bathroom floor. However, don’t go too big if your bathroom is on the smaller side because this can make it appear tiny.
  • Upkeep: Cleaning will be easier with larger tiles because there will be fewer grout lines. Also, tiles with a lower absorption rate, like those with a glaze finish, are typically lower-maintenance. This also goes for smooth-textured tiles. 
  • Color: There are many considerations to bear in mind when creating your bathroom color scheme. The colors should work well together and be compatible with the overall design. However, the ultimate goal is to choose a scheme that makes you happy.

How do I choose a bathroom floor tile?

Your bathroom floor gets a lot of foot traffic, which makes it susceptible to wear and tear over time. This is why this surface should be tiled with the most durable materials, like porcelain and natural stone. These materials are also perfect for shower floors because of their non-slip nature. Natural stone also provides an added benefit of hiding staining and dirt. 

When it comes to tiling other bathroom areas, like the shower walls or vanity backsplash, it’s easier to make a great choice. Pick tiles you love because these areas should be decorative and eye-catching.

What company does quality bathroom additions in San Diego?

What company does quality bathroom additions in San Diego

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