Backyard cottage. Granny flat. Multigenerational Living home. Accessory dwelling unit. Whatever you choose to call them, ADUs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners – especially for those who are considering multigenerational living.

Given the unpredictable nature of the world we live in, an ADU proved to be a great investment in the long run. Read on to learn what makes ADUs such a great investment, and what motivates people to build one. Then you can contact a reputable house addition company in Del Mar and begin your project.

What is an ADU?

Does an ADU increase property value

ADU is an independent living space equipped with its own utilities and an independent entrance, including a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. In addition to adding value to your property, they can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Property investment for rental purposes
  • A guesthouse for family and friends
  • Home office
  • Privacy for older parents or college-age children
  • Poolhouse
  • Hobby room
  • Studio

Does an ADU increase property value? 

ADUs come in three main types, and each has a different market value. 

  • Detached ADU – The most valuable ADU is one that is detached from the main residence.
  • Attached ADU – This is an accessory unit attached to the main residence, making it the second most valuable.
  • Conversion – These are the most affordable ADUs, and garage and basement conversions rank third in value.

Your budget and property space determine what type of ADU is right for you. It’s good to know that you always have viable options at hand.

What are the main reasons ADUs are perfect for Multigenerational living?

ADUs vary depending on your area’s zoning regulations, but they offer a lot of benefits to hosts nationwide. Apart from practical reasons related to finances, the emotional component of multigenerational living is a driving force behind this trend.

The following are some of the main benefits ADU can have for your family:

  1. Aim for balance

A multigenerational home should give space and privacy to everybody to engage and interact. Common spaces, including a connected kitchen, dining and living room, would bring everyone together while eating and engaging with one another. Private bedrooms can give family members time to be alone.

  1. Respect for privacy

Once your ADU is complete, it benefits both you and your guests. You don’t have to worry about coexisting and sharing spaces in ADUs since each has its sleeping, cooking, and bathroom area. Separate living spaces are often more appealing for families.

  1. Convenience

Multigenerational living can look different for each family. A home like this could be one with grandparents living with their children and grandchildren, a home with parents and their adult children, or even a four-generation home. 

Living together among several generations of the same family is not only financially viable due to expense sharing, but also provides ample opportunity for working parents to avoid childcare concerns by relying on grandparents. 

  1. Connecting different age ranges 

Seniors can connect with grandchildren and even their own children on different levels that they would otherwise be able to. Besides serving as role models, they can feel more engaged and useful and have a profound impact on their grandchildren.

What are the main reasons ADUs are perfect for Multigenerational living

Where can I find a reliable house addition company in Del Mar?

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