Adding an extra floor gives you more living space while also increasing the value of your home. It’s one of the most commonly used methods to add square footage, and there are many options for how to go about it.

It’s important to thoroughly research this type of home improvement project before you get started. With the right expert in room addition services, your second-story addition will breathe life back into your Solana Beach residence.

What are second-story remodeling tips?

When building an addition, many homeowners choose a vertical expansion.The approach you take to adding a second story is determined by your preferences, an existing foundation, as well as building codes and regulations. 

You have several items to consider:

What are the current trends in second-story home additions
  1. Design

Working with a design-build team makes second- floor additions a seamless project. They will partner with you to create an addition with curb appeal, providing inspiration for your second-story addition. Allowing you to fully customize the space, determining the new layout tailored to your lifestyle and needs. Some considerations during the design phase are checking if your foundation supports a second story, adding a staircase, heating and cooling system, plumbing, and electrical changes. 

  1. The Roof

A reputable company will acces the needs of your current roof system and the new addition design to determine if you can salvage any of the existing or if replacement is needed.

  1. Expansion

Many homeowners take great pride in their lovely backyards, so there is no reason to sacrifice your yard. You can redesign the first story of your home at the same time you add a second-story, this allows you to address any items you’re not currently happy with. Another consideration is building a second-story addition over your garage.

What are the current trends in second-story home additions?

Here are some remodeling trends to consider if you’re thinking about adding a new level:

  • Primary suites with ensuite bathrooms are attractive to modern families because they offer space and comfort. If you’re adding to an older home, chances are you don’t have walk-in closets, adequate bathrooms, or enough storage space, which makes a second-story addition a great option.
  • In recent years, mother-in-law suites are becoming increasingly desirable features, including second-floor additions over garages that offer separate entrances. Because they offer easy access to everything on one floor, they can be transformed into a separate living space with a full bathroom and a kitchen, giving multigenerational families more privacy and comfort.
  • Second-story additions are also an ideal solution for those looking to create modern home offices. Placing it away from the main living area can help avoid any distractions. Plus, you’d be able to open up the space that your office equipment once occupied. 

Where can I find a company with experience in room addition services in Solana Beach & the area?

Where can I find a company with experience in room addition services in Solana Beach & the area

A room addition is a serious investment, so you need to work with someone you can trust. At Lars Architecture, we have a team of skilled and knowledgeable design and construction experts, with a special knack for creating cozy and appealing coastal designs in Solana Beach and beyond. 

Whether you want to double your home’s square footage, turn a too-small bedroom into a dream closet, and reap the benefits they bring, we’re here to help. You can count on us to walk you through every stage until the job is completed to your satisfaction. As part of our proven approach, we offer a complimentary design consultation before getting to custom design, and implementation services. Get in touch with us today and discover the perfect home improvement choice for you and your family!