Investing in a kitchen addition project for your San Diego residence is a challenge well worth taking on. Not only will you get more kitchen space but you can also maximize its functionality and modify it to suit your taste. If you’ve only just started planning out your remodel, you’ll find some great ideas for your kitchen addition very useful.

It’s important to clearly outline the basics of what you’d like to achieve before you contact your builders. This way, you’ll be able to describe to the contractors what you want in broad strokes. Later on, they will help you figure out the details and finishing touches, like materials and finishes. 

How do you expand a kitchen?

How do you expand a kitchen

Before you hire a contractor, think about what features you’d like to have added to your kitchen, as well as what look you’re going for. Identify the weak points in your current kitchen design and consider what parts of the layout could do with a change. It’s also helpful to check out some tried and tested kitchen remodel ideas. 

Here are a few popular picks for kitchen expansions:

1. Get more storage space

Have you ever heard anyone complain about how much space they’ve got? We didn’t think so. Kitchen organization is much easier with modern storage solutions, which can make use of every available nook. Discover your kitchen’s untapped storage potential with the help of qualified builders and some smart strategizing. 

2. Add a breakfast nook

Update your kitchen with a cozy area to enjoy your morning toast and a cup of coffee. Set it up in an area which gets lots of sunshine in the morning and style it so it matches the rest of your kitchen. Since they’re informal, private and comfortable, many people find themselves drawn to breakfast nooks more than their larger dining areas.

3. Put in a kitchen island

Unless your home already has an open-plan layout, opening your kitchen up towards the dining room and living area is worth considering. If you’re under the impression that kitchen islands are everywhere these days, it’s for a good reason. They offer a modern, streamlined appearance and provide the chance to spend time with the whole family while working in the kitchen.

4. Introduce glass to make it look bigger

If your kitchen is on the smaller side and there’s not enough room to play with, expand it visually by adding glass elements, like glass door cabinets and a mirror splashback. Other reflective surfaces also add to the impression of a larger space, so opt for shiny floors, shiny appliance finishes, high-gloss paint etc.

5. Brighten up the space

Adequate lighting is crucial in a kitchen since food preparation involves handling knives and taking precise measurements. It’s important to provide enough bright light above your countertops, while the island is usually adorned with low-hanging pendant lights to create an intimate atmosphere. Whatever your lighting choices, don’t forget to think them through.

6. Invest in cutting-edge tech

Smart home appliances are taking the world by storm, so get on the bandwagon by purchasing some kitchen gadgets that are wi-fi enabled and voice-controlled. From smart air fryers and microwave ovens to soap dispenser sensors, food preparation will be easier than ever with smart technology.

If you’re still unsure, skilled contractors can tell you what types of kitchen layouts there are and assist you in picking out the one that’s right for your space. You’ll be amazed with how much value a well-planned kitchen adds to your home!

Which contractor does great kitchen addition projects across San Diego?

Which contractor does great kitchen addition projects across San Diego

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