Finding a house with a functional fitted kitchen is one of the top priorities of most prospective home buyers, which reflects the importance of the kitchen in everyone’s daily life. Buyers are willing to pay extra for a home with a well-made and expertly designed kitchen space. 

If you’re planning to put your current home up for sale somewhere down the line, investing in a kitchen remodel is one of the best moves you can make. You can add value to your kitchen by reaching out to experienced contractors who perform kitchen additions across San Diego. 

Not only will you get a better house price once you decide to sell, but you will also get to enjoy the benefits of a brand new kitchen yourself.

How much value does a kitchen add?

Let’s get straight to the point: a kitchen remodel is costly. However, the advantages of such a project clearly outweigh the drawbacks. 

Firstly, granite countertops, luxurious fittings, and quality appliances impress potential house buyers greatly. Having an upscale kitchen space means your house will probably sell quicker and for more. Although the boost in your house price probably won’t cover the entire cost of the project, the ROI of kitchen remodels is typically high.

Also, smart planning many significantly reduce the price of your kitchen upgrade. If you know which parts of the kitchen you can save up on and which are worth splashing out on, you can cut your remodel expenses. Seasoned contractors will give you helpful advice on this. 

How can I add value to my kitchen?

How can I add value to my kitchen

There are many amazing kitchen expansion ideas that will enhance the value of your space. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you want to dazzle future buyers:

Design a practical layout

The layout is the starting point of every smart kitchen remodel. Take a look at 6 best kitchen layouts to find the one that works for your space. 

Buyers look for a functionally organized kitchen that saves the homeowner’s time and makes food preparation a dream. They will often scrutinize the kitchen trying to picture themselves cooking and spending time there. They will be quick to recognize how well-thought out the space is. 

Invest in quality materials

The materials for your kitchen remodel aren’t something to skimp on. Durable, sumptuous countertop materials, like marble, quartz, or granite, give your kitchen lasting quality and a polished look. Make sure that the surface is resistant to wear and tear, like the effects of heat and staining.

Get trustworthy appliances

Appliances now come in a wide range of options, styles, and finishes. Make your choice wisely by opting for reliable brands and premium features. First-rate quality stands out at a glance, especially if the appliance is on full display. Buyers will be happy to see world-famous appliance brands throughout the kitchen.

Which contractors perform expert kitchen addictions across San Diego?

Which contractors perform expert kitchen addictions across San Diego

Don’t know how to choose contractors for your kitchen remodel? Working with a dependable contractor may be one of the most important aspects of your project. Make sure you hire a skilled, experienced team, such as the crew of Lars Architecture. 

We’ll assist you with seamless design and professional project execution for various types of home additions in East Village or the rest of San Diego. Our trained professionals will go the extra mile to find a streamlined, customized solution that suits your every need.

Reach out to Lars Architecture today and watch your dreams become reality. The value of your house will skyrocket with some expertly done home additions!