We’ve already seen some of the hottest home renovation ideas for the coming year. Similarly to most remodeling trends, those emerging in 2023 are not particularly new, but they’re continuing to gain in style and function. 

No matter if you’re planning to renovate your entire Oceanside residence or just a portion of it, make sure you contact an expert room addition company to discuss your ideas and start the project you’ve always wanted!

What are current remodeling trends?

Many homeowners are expected to tackle one or more of the following projects over the next year:  

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1. Multifunctional rooms

A successful interior design project relies on utilizing the available space to its full potential. As traditional homes have always been designed with each room serving a single purpose, our lifestyles must change so that a single space has more than one function. This makes multipurpose rooms a hot trend for 2023, offering homeowners a great way to make the most of their space. 

Families want the ability to work from home, hold meetings, rest, and exercise without being in each other’s way. Whether it’s offices that serve as study areas or kitchens that can be converted into work zones at any time, the fact remains that modern households require multifunctional rooms more than ever before.

2. Spa oasis at home

The renovation ideas for bathrooms in 2023 remain similar, but with a wider variety of high-end features. For instance, adding natural stone tile, a steam shower, a custom vanity, and radiant-heated floors to your bathroom offers an immediate sense of sophistication and luxury. Moreover, fixtures and finishes evoke a spa atmosphere on a daily basis, elevating a space instantly.. 

If storage is limited, add built-in shelves or cabinets to your bathroom. By doing so, you can have all your necessities within easy reach and out of sight, creating a relaxing environment for you and your family.

3. A large number of windows

There’s nothing quite like natural light and a fresh breeze of air to brighten your home, which can be achieved most effectively by having a lot of windows. No matter where they’re mounted, large windows will significantly transform a room.

Not only does natural light make your place appear larger and more appealing, but it may also reduce energy consumption thanks to the use of UV-blocking technologies built into many window options available today.

4. Eco-friendly upgrades

Climate change and more intense weather patterns have become a part of our daily lives, causing homeowners to prioritize energy efficiency and sustainable upgrades. 

While we can’t stop using our home appliances altogether, households can reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint by making short-term and lifestyle changes. Therefore, in 2023, energy-efficient windows and doors, low-energy appliances, and solar panels are likely to become commonplace.

Where can I find a dependable room addition company in Oceanside & surrounding areas?

Where can I find a dependable room addition company in Oceanside

If you want a place that feels comfortable and looks great, then look no further than Lars Architecture. With our talented and innovative team at your corner, you can create a home in Oceanside suited to your needs, a home that is uniquely yours. 

Whether you’re considering a new kitchen, a second-story extension, or something else before the holidays, you can rely on us to deliver top-of-the-line craftsmanship and design. No matter if you live near Oceanside Pier or elsewhere in the area, we’re here to bring a seamless and stress-free customer experience. Book your initial consultation today!