The appeal of living in a multigenerational home is becoming more popular. These types of homes have at least two generations of family living together and have dedicated additional space from the rest of the house.

To make sure there’s enough space between each generation within the same house, turn to reputable room addition services in Rancho Santa Fe for home remodeling ideas and enjoy some of the major benefits of owning and living in a multigenerational home

What are the advantages of multigenerational households?

Think about the five advantages that could help you decide if a multigenerational home addition is a right choice for you and your family:

  1. Strengthen family relationships  
What are the advantages of multigenerational households

Living on the same property can help develop a higher level of attachment and closeness. Without having to coordinate schedules as much, this allows for a more organic way of bonding. Remodeling your existing space can help shape future generations into well-rounded individuals who know how important it is to value the opportunity to see each other every day.

  1. Financial benefits

The benefits of living in a joint household are many. For one, the cost to maintain two separate households is greater than one. Family members can collaboratively address their expenses and allocate budgets accordingly. As a result, home additions that enable large families to live together enjoy a considerably more luxurious and a higher quality of life than they could on their own.

  1. Increased family safety 

Being geographically close is also important in terms of your family’s wellbeing. For those with older relatives, this can mean that someone will always be close by in the case of a fall or health emergency. For those with young children, they’ll benefit from always having adult supervision. Not to mention, pets won’t be left alone for long periods of time. 

  1. Splitting household chores fairly
Where can I book expert room addition services in Rancho Santa Fe

There’s plenty you can do in terms of better division of labor once you add an accessory dwelling unit or build an in-law suite. One of the many perks you’ll discover is the ability to divide household chores and age-appropriate responsibilities among all family members. Cooking, shopping, yard maintenance, and other responsibilities can be delegated to adult children, allowing the older generations to focus on less physically demanding tasks.

  1. Flexible designs offer plenty of privacy

The worry of losing privacy is one of the most common concerns families may face when considering multigenerational living. However, there are many ways to plan private living quarters that will ensure privacy for everybody. Distinct communal areas help distinguish family time from personal time.

Where can I book expert room addition services in Rancho Santa Fe?

Living with a large family can be rewarding, and there’s a lot to consider before changing your lifestyle. Lars Architecture is a locally owned company with over thirty years of experience in  multigenerational households across San Diego County. Whether you are looking for an entire second-story addition, luxurious outdoor living area, and the many benefits that come with it, we can make it possible for you. 

Our team of experienced designers, project managers, and construction experts will help you find the perfect addition that will suit your style and budget. Get in touch with us today and create a home that suits your family’s needs!