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Lars Architecture and Construction is the go-to home additions company in Mira Mesa. With years of experience and a highly skilled team, we’ve got all it takes to take your concept and turn it into reality. Our expert contractors will make it happen, from kitchen makeovers, bathroom expansions, second-story constructions to master suites, ADU construction, and other custom additions. Give your home a refreshed look to match your current lifestyle.

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Reap the benefits of your exquisite room addition in Mira Mesa. With our team or renovation experts and ADU builders by your side, you can transform your home in more ways than one:
  • Expand your living space
  • Boost your home’s resale value
  • Enhance functionality and comfort
  • Get high-end fixtures and appliances

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Hiring Lars was one of the best decisions we had ever made! Their residential architects and designers did an amazing job with our kitchen space, and we are so thankful for all the time they dedicated to us. They expanded our existing kitchen and updated the layout to be more practical and suitable for our needs. What we loved the most about them was that we were always included in the process and they had never missed an opportunity to check in and consult with us on the next steps.

With the baby on the way, we’ll surely need some extra space, and Lars Architecture and Construction will be the first people we call!

Jim and Stacy

Kitchen addition, San Diego

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are home additions worth it?

A home addition is unlike any other home investment. It’s worth it not only for the added boost in the resale value of your home but the instant enhanced living experience it brings. Your new and improved lifestyle is well worth the decision to add a room to your home.

We are Mira Mesa’s go-to team for all things room additions. With over 30 successful years in the remodeling industry, we’ve earned the reputation of being the best in the business. Our contractors are standing by for your call, so get in touch today.

How long do home additions take?

How long a process will take can depend on several factors:

  • Size of your home and planned addition
  • Layout and style of your home
  • Design and construction materials for the addition
  • Experience and expertise of the contractors

Once you’ve decided on the type of room addition, our experts will do an on-site examination of the property and give you an estimate of the duration of the construction, costs, etc.

How do I plan a room addition?

Starting with your home addition project is one of the main issues facing homeowners when embarking on a project of this size. By following these tips, your approach to the project may prove more straightforward than it seems:

  • Define the purpose of the addition and what you will use it for.
  • Create a budget and stick to it.
  • Do your due diligence and acquire the necessary building permits.
  • Hire a dependable contractor in Mira Mesa.

Our experts will take your concept and work alongside you to complete the addition of your dreams.

Can I build on top of an existing extension?

Whether your family is expanding, you need a place for a personal gym, or you’re planning a full ADU construction, adding on top of your existing extension is a logical and manageable idea.

Consult with your local specialists for second-story additions. Our team has the necessary skill set and experiences to handle every aspect of such a complex project.  Call today to set up an appointment!

How long does it take to build an ADU?

As with any home improvement project in Mira Mesa, how long your ADU construction takes will depend entirely on its size, complexity, materials used, who’s doing the work, whether delays occur as a result of bad weather or unexpected changes to the design, and so on. To get a more accurate time frame for your project, call Lars and schedule a consultation.

How do I choose a home addition contractor in Mira Mesa?

At Lars Architecture and Construction, we perform a wide array of room addition projects. We are a collaborative team of highly qualified designers, project managers, and craftsmen. With over three decades in the business, we are the leading home addition contractors across San Diego County. Our wide range of services include:

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The residents of Mira Mesa, 92126 can reach out to us today for an in-home consultation, no matter whether you are located in Lopez Ridge Park or near Mira Mesa Senior High School. We have our best contractors at the ready to help you customize your home with a first-class room addition.

We don’t just service the community in Mira Mesa. Our experts can be relied on for:

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