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The fact that people usually have a lot of trouble balancing aesthetics with comfort comes as no surprise. However, thanks to Lars Architecture and Construction, you’ll never have to choose between the two. Our team of highly skilled designers and craftsmen know how to match your taste, without compromising on comfort. Contact us today for client-focused room additions in across San Diego County, including kitchens, bathrooms, master bedrooms, in-law suites, second-story additions, or ADUs.

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Hiring our professionals to help you with a home improvement project in Imperial Beach or the region is a guarantee for an expertly designed room addition of your choice, but there’s more to it. We will also provide you with:
  • Additional livable areas
  • Maximized resale value
  • Better overall functionality
  • Top-quality household appliances

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Finest interior design

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Hiring Lars was one of the best decisions we had ever made! Their residential architects and designers did an amazing job with our kitchen space, and we are so thankful for all the time they dedicated to us. They expanded our existing kitchen and updated the layout to be more practical and suitable for our needs. What we loved the most about them was that we were always included in the process and they had never missed an opportunity to check in and consult with us on the next steps.

With the baby on the way, we’ll surely need some extra space, and Lars Architecture and Construction will be the first people we call!

Jim and Stacy

Kitchen addition, San Diego

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Our Clients Count on Us

Formulating a good room solution usually depends on your lifestyle woes. Outgrowing a home is not an uncommon idea. Your lifestyle changed significantly over the years and your family grew. Then again, now you’re finding yourself wondering how to support all these emerging changes.

Simply by building the room addition you need most, you’ll allow yourself to stay in your sunny ocean South Bay home. So, before you start a home remodeling project, remember to answer these first:

  • Is your family expanding? 
  • Do you need better storage solutions? 
  • Do you need an extra backyard space?
  • Feeling cramped at home? 

The usual remodeling projects include adding a kitchen, a bathroom, a master bedroom, or an accessory dwelling unit. However, identifying the one you truly need will make our job flawless. Of course, you can always reach out to us and we can help you decide on whether to go with a room or home addition in Imperial Beach.

What should I know about adding an accessory dwelling unit?

Accessory dwelling units are known as multifunctional, value-boosting solutions, whether by converting an old space or building an entirely new one. Although built on the same property, these units are usually detached from the main home, but typically include their own bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Here are some of the vital reasons you should consider ADU addition in Imperial Beach:

  • More square footage to use,
  • Low-cost housing for other family members,
  • Increased property value,
  • Smart passive income opportunity.

Who offers a well-built master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & other kinds of room additions in Imperial Beach, CA?

If you’re looking for a trustworthy room addition company in San Diego County, including Imperial Beach, 91932, you’re at the right place. Lars Architecture and Construction will provide you with the best home-improvement experience, and bring your dream house to life. Whatever room addition services you need anywhere in San Diego County, we’re your top choice for:

Do you service other areas too?

Our team is here to support every step of your remodeling journey from start to finish, whether you live in Imperial Beach or the surrounding areas of San Diego County. We offer:

Of course, we serve other cities in San Diego County, as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Get in touch with us today and explore how we can help you get your dream home professionally and efficiently.