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If you’re looking for a company that offers room and home additions in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and the vicinity, delegate this task to Lars Architecture. Our team of experts has the reputation, experience, track record and expertise to handle a range of home additions and other projects. Whether you’re planning to resize your kitchen or bathroom, introduce a grand master bedroom, or construct a second story, you can rely on our contractors to deliver!

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A well-designed and thoroughly planned room addition is the missing piece of the puzzle that will make your home feel complete. Here at Lars Architecture & Construction we have trained professionals that can improve your household by:

  • Planning every detail to suit your day-to-day needs
  • Introducing more space for all household members to enjoy
  • Increasing the market value of your property
  • Enhancing the overall comfort and functionality of your home
Hiring Lars was one of the best decisions we had ever made! Their residential architects and designers did an amazing job with our kitchen space, and we are so thankful for all the time they dedicated to us. learn more
They expanded our existing kitchen and updated the layout to be more practical and suitable for our needs. What we loved the most about them was that we were always included in the process and they had never missed an opportunity to check in and consult with us on the next steps. With the baby on the way, we’ll surely need some extra space, and Lars Architecture and Construction will be the first people we call!

- Jim and Stacy, Kitchen addition, San Diego

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between different room and home additions?

This all depends on your needs, the general layout of your home and whether you have found a professional that can handle your project in every aspect. Does your plan include just an expansion of existing rooms or a change of the complete layout?

Whether you’re considering selecting some of the versatile and customizable room additions or just need some expert advice on how to improve the existing space, you can count on our experts. Besides, here at Lars Architecture you can count on us if you plan to:

How will a room addition tie into the house?

This all depends on how well your room addition was designed and carried out. Usually, when you find a team of experienced contractors to handle the project, they will make sure to make a natural-looking transition between the new room and the rest of your house. They’ll accomplish this by imitating the style of the rest of your house. For instance, they’ll install the same fixtures, finishes, hardwood, tiles and padding.

Can I add a bathroom in a master bedroom?

Of course, building an ensuite bathroom is a great option that’ll grant you more privacy and comfort. Whether this would be possible depends on your floor plan, existing utilities, plumbing and electrical functions.  Indeed, this is a great idea, but consult with your local provider to see if it’ll fit your budget. You can call Lars Architecture today to get the best advice from our specialists.

What should I ask a home addition company?

First off, you should always check if you’re dealing with a licences company that hires insured and bonded professionals. Secondly, you should check if the company offers a full scope of services needed to bring your concept to life, or you would need to hire other professionals to perform some individual tasks, like post-construction cleaning, electrical work and installation of certain home appliances. Lastly, you should ask whether a company offers some sort of guarantee.

If you contact Lards Room Additions, you wouldn’t have to worry about this and you’ll get straightforward answers from us.

Who're the best house and room addition contractors in Cardiff & beyond?

Whether your residence is near the inspirational Cardiff State Beach or around the Cardiff Library, you can count on a reliable company to make your home truly adjusted to your needs and requirements. Adding extra footage and expanding the living space is always a good idea if you’re a growing family or you’re just longing for more space to stroll around.

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